Current Obsessions

A weekly roundup of kawaii thangs, jams and Interweb finds

kelly towles art, dc street art

DIY: Ask my boss and he’ll tell you I’m responsible for the tragic death of all plant life that has been brought into our office. So if you’ve got a black thumb like I do, but still want a little greenery in your apartment, try this one for size.

MUSIC:  Get hip to Mr. Carmack.

ART: A friend of mine loves asking me to go on a DC graffiti hunt one of these days. We’ve yet to go, so I’m still wondering what exactly a graffiti hunt entails, but if we end up doing it, I can bet we’ll end up running into work by Kelly Towles, a DC-based artist, who is responsible for the above mural in SE.

CULTURE: Apparently Connecticut is into learning about Wu Tang Clan & how they ain’t nothin’ to fuck with. Too many citizens of the Lone Star State are wondering if that weird rash around their mouth is in fact the herps. And according to the data provided by Estately, Georgians love scouring the web for info on butt implants. A not entirely accurate, but still very funny map about what the 50 states love Googling.

STYLE/PRODUCTS: Lately I’ve been on a clogs kick. If my pockets allow, I WILL be living in Swedish Hasbeens & Bryr clogs for the rest of forever.




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