Just Go Shoot

My boyfriend Cesar’s hashtags of choice these days are #JustGoShoot and #ExploreEverything. We’ve really been trying to live up to both, starting with our recent trip to California. This trip finally has me clued in to where phrases like “California dreaming” come from, and I’m still amazed that so much is going on around San Francisco. One second you’re in the city, the next you could be hiking in the woods, and with a two hour drive you could be lounging at the beach.

In our case, all of that means at one point during our vacation you would have found me forcing Cesar to hug a redwood tree after a long walk in the Muir Woods. Later that day, you would have found us trying not to get whisked off the hills and into the Bay at a very, very windy overlook called Battery Spencer. And not even an hour later, we were watching the sun set over the entire city while sharing a hot chocolate at Bernal Heights.

I definitely could get down with this “California dreaming” stuff :)


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