Outside Lands 2014

By the way, I’m Kanye and I can do whatever I want, and it’s gonna be cool again… If you’re a fan of me, you’re just a fan of yourself; and if you have a dream to follow, you won’t listen to anyone else.”

– autotuned Yeezy, Outside Lands 2014

outside lands 2014 style

I really can’t agree with that quote more. At a Kanye West show you’ll see just about anyone you could think of. Frat bros. Hip hop heads. Girly girls feeling confident, shouting out nasty lyrics like it ain’t nothin’. And all these people have one thing in common: they’re just as full of themselves as the guy who proudly and unabashedly proclaimed it’s “Yeezy season” last Friday evening.

It’s funny how all corners of the Internet seemed to bitch about Kanye’s Outside Lands headliner slot in the months leading up to the fest, yet he still managed to draw the largest crowd out of all the Friday night closing sets. I’m surprised I didn’t witness any of the rants he’s infamous for, which I’m still trying to decide if that’s a good thing, or if I missed out an opportunity to witness an infamous meltdown about Nike sponsorships or whatever else has rubbed him the wrong way these days.

From my little spot on the grounds of the Lands End Stage, I also caught the funky nu-disco sets of Chromeo and Holy Ghost! And true to rumor, Disclosure is AMAZING live. So many good musical vibes flowing from those two Brits.

Everything else at Outside Lands was perfect: from the wide range of music acts down to the 70+ choices of craft beer available in Beer Land and the more than 80 local restaurants and food trucks available. (I am highly recommending 4505 Meats’ garlic chimichurri fries & Kara’s Cupcakes to anyone passing through San Fran. So delish!). I really feel like the festival planners did a great job showcasing how multiethnic the Bay area is and just how gorgeous Golden Gate Park can be. My first West Coast music festival did not disappoint in the least.


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