Crafty Bastards

Not only does Crafty Bastards have a kick ass name, it’s also been around for 11 years now. Basically this event is like Etsy come to life and it’s AMAZING. For the second year in a row now, Crafty B’s was held at Union Market (one of my most fave places in the city) and featured food trucks, which my Korean barbecue taco-eating, Dangerously Delicious Pies-obsessed, coffee-loving self very much appreciated.

Craft fairs like these always provide me with so much inspiration. They also offer a nice reminder of the tons of really talented people out there, like the guys and gals at Dirty Ass Soap, whom made the very realistic Super Nintendo soap bar I purchased, or the vendor at neogranny that I purchased a camera-shaped pin from. My only regret about this event is that I was so damn broke. I really wish I had the funds to buy every little mug and piece of jewelry I fell in love with, but at least I know to come more loaded next year. 


3 thoughts on “Crafty Bastards

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  2. Hi there! That’s me, Anne Choi, from A Little Teapot Designs, spinning in my booth :) Would you mind if I used your picture on my Instagram feed (@anne.choi)? I didn’t think to take any pictures myself, haha.

    Hope to see you this year!

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