Pittsburgh Photo Diary

It seems that everything in Pittsburgh is closed on Sundays and Mondays. Why? I have no clue, but here’s what you can do when things are actually open:

VISIT THE ANDY WARHOL MUSEUM: One of the most iconic artists of the past few decades was born and bred in Steel City, so of course he’s got his own museum. The Andy Warhol Museum is exploding with color and so many photo opps, but like a lot of museums, no photos allowed.

STUFF YOUR FACE AT PRIMANTI BROS: Who knew pastrami topped with coleslaw and fries was so damn good? I have literally never had any desire to eat coleslaw at KFC, cookouts, nowhere, until I tried the food at the famous Primanti Bros.

LOOK AT SOME COLORFUL THINGS: The Carnegie Museum of Art, where Cesar and I discovered (and loved) the work of photographer Duane Michals. Buying a ticket to the art museum also earned me free entry into the Carnegie Museum of Natural History since the two are attached. Also, if you’re a fan of Roadside America attractions like I am, check out the museums because you’ll find Dippy the Dinosaur hangin’ outside of the museums.

TASTE MINI DONUTS: Peace, Love & Little Donuts is most likely the reason why my doctor said I gained weight since the last time she saw me during the summer. I want to say, “whoops?” but these things were so damn worth it.

“LOCK” IN YOUR LOVE: I just had to insert a corny pun here. I missed my chance to leave a love lock on the Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris, so slapping my C + T lock on the Schenley Park bridge will have to do. A little cheesy? Yes, but that’s okay, because did I mention Cesar and I were celebrating our four-year anniversary the weekend we visited Pittsburgh?

SEE THE BEST VIEWS: Pittsburgh is a city of bridges, meaning SO. MANY. VIEWS. See below for the view at Duquesne Overlook.


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