Festival Season

At every music festival or concert I attend, there’s always that one senior citizen going harder than all the 20-somethings around them, sometimes even with an adorable elderly companion. And I always stop and think to myself, Man, I hope I’m that hip when I’m older! 

But seriously, I do hope so because music is really important to me. Good music and similar tastes are a huge reason why Cesar and I became friends and later, significant others. Actually, he was there for both my first concert experience (Deadmau5, which I cringe at the thought of now) and first festival, which was Electric Zoo in New York City. One of my favorite life moments is waking up on some random Sunday morning and deciding, Hey, let’s just catch a bus up to New York and go! No change of clothes, no toiletries and all on a broke college student’s budget. We spent the night in Port Authority bus station, with our phones dying, dirt plastered all over our skin and clothes and smelling like straight up hot dumpster juice, but it was worth it! So as you can see, music plays a huge role in our relationship.

Lately, we’ve been thinking of which festivals we want to attend this year. I’m definitely leaning toward Governors Ball or Made in America, and if I’m lucky enough, maybe Voodoo Fest in NOLA to finish it off as a nice birthday treat to myself. In the past, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend Outside Lands in San Fran and Lollapalooza in Chicago, along with a few others, like Mad Decent Block Party. Can’t wait to just dance and be carefree and watch Cesar capture more shots like these:

major lazer 930 club dc

major lazer 930 club dc


4 thoughts on “Festival Season

  1. Love the pictures in this post, really makes me want to go to a festival again this year! I went to lots a few years ago, but lately I lacked the cash to go .. but man, these pics really cause a longing in me! :D

  2. aw, how fun! I haven’t been to a music festival in forever (lollapalooza was so fun!) but right now I’m just waiting on the cure to finally announce a tour for this year!

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