Current Obsessions 

A Weekly Roundup of kawaii thangs, jams and Interweb finds.  

A Look That Pops Modcloth popcorn novelty purse

EATS: Remember Dunkaroos and Fruit by the Foot?  Now you can make your own — along with some of your other favorite 90s junk foods — with these 10 recipes via NYLON.
HUMOR: That time the homie Jesus negotiated with the bouncer when the squad was too wasted for the club. That night when your parents wouldn’t let you out the house ’cause your outfit was revealing. Those times when you have a fire tweet, but it’s more than 140 characters. @Medieval_Probs is the most hilarious Twitter account I’ve come across lately.
MUSIC: New Hot Chip = never not a good thing, according to Culture of Me. I agree.
STYLE/PRODUCTS: I love novelty bags just as much as the next girl, but I really can’t justify paying $50 for a purse I can only fit a lipstick and one credit card in. Lucky for me, Modcloth has a few on sale right now, like the ‘Draw Your Attention’ pencil bag and the ‘A Look That Pops’ popcorn purse pictured above. I’m really loving it so far. 

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