Central Park Scenes

I shared the above picture on Instagram and one of my followers commented, “I feel like this needs a Humans of New York caption!” And maybe she’s right. I know everyone has a unique life story, but there’s just something about the people of New York City that is so captivating, and that had me walking past each person on the street like, hmm, I wonder if I’ve ever seen your photo on HONY, when I visited the city last weekend. At a subway station downtown, I actually did run into this gentleman who, along with his mother, lost their apartment after their landlord raised the rent. He was living in a shelter at the time he was interviewed by Brandon Stanton of HONY. You really can’t find people watching like that in other U.S. cities.

Central Park is one of my favorite places to do some of that people watching I love so much. In one hour’s time, I saw a small choir singing beautiful, uplifting hymns. Hordes of tourists ready to drop some serious money for a horse-drawn carriage ride through the park, just hoping to capture a quick moment of city romance. Adorable kids having a fun afternoon checking out sailboats at Kerbs Boathouse (and all I could hope was that they were excited because they remembered that one scene in “Stuart Little,” too!)  I even witnessed a cute wedding proposal.


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