Picnic at Black Rock

A few weeks ago, my sisters and I celebrated our pup Tipton’s first birthday, which called for a picnic at Black Rock Park and some new treats/an antler for the little guy to chew on. I once laughed at people who celebrate pet birthdays, but now that I have my own, something about doing so just felt right.

I’m still shocked we can now call ourselves dog people, but there are so many cute mannerisms about Tippy that you can’t help but love him. The way he’s a tad bit anxious. How his little ear cocks up when he’s trying to be nosy about something happening on the other side of the house. The way he’s always so eager to make friends. And he might be small, but that doesn’t hold him back from hopping into games with the big boys at the dog park. Here’s to celebrating as many years as we can with this little guy!


3 thoughts on “Picnic at Black Rock

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  2. Sounds like a sweet day! I love pet birthdays, haha. They’re definitely goofy (especially with an apathetic cat) but it’s nice to celebrate little things :)

    • It all makes me wonder if my pup even knew the significance of his little day! But oh well, the food was good for us humans.

      & I would LOVE to see a birthday party for an apathetic cat. Sounds hilarious :)

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