You can call me predictable, but I’ll probably still end up taking a pit stop at the nearest mural in the next city I visit. It’s kind of my thing, and I’m still not tired of gazing up at brightly colored walls, wishing I had both the balls and the talent to make something so cool. Visiting Texas in June was no exception to this little habit.

The HOPE Outdoor Gallery (HOG, and sometimes called Graffiti Park at Castle Hills) is three-stories of graffiti overlooking downtown Austin. It’s definitely a must-see if you’re trying to visit anything that “Keeps Austin Weird.” The project launched in 2011, with a little support from Shepard Fairey, aka the OBEY guy. What’s cool about HOPE is that you never really know what you’re going to see; local artists change it up all the time. And if you’re feeling artsy, you could even buy yourself a spray paint can onsite and tag a little area, too. I wasn’t feeling up to making anything, but when I reached the top level, I came across a really nice artist who let me take a few photos.




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