The Whitney

I’m considering my most recent New York trip and visit to The Whitney as the latest in my campaign to convince my sisters to move to New York someday. I’m pretty proud to call two of the most creative, freethinking people I know my siblings, and I want to make them aware of all the possibilities that lay beyond little ol’ DC, so it only felt right to enjoy my first Whitney experience with them.

It’s always interesting visiting art museums with the girls, given one is an Art major who fangirls so hard every time she sees painting she studied at school in person. Our youngest sis constantly shocks me with how much random information she can spew off about music, health and art — most of the time facts I wasn’t even aware of. And me? I’m more of a contemporary art kind of gal, and a fan of artists like Jean Michel Basquiat, Jeff Koons and Mark Rothko, all artists we are seriously lacking in District museums. Basically what I’m saying is, visiting this particular museum was perfect for us.

I’m also super excited to say I’ll be back in NYC this weekend. Can’t wait to post pictures from the Dirtybird BBQ and a couple other things I have up my sleeve :)


2 thoughts on “The Whitney

  1. My brother and I are not the closest of siblings, but I love spending time sharing what we’ve learnt about things and places when we’ve not been together. I do wonder what it would’ve been like if I was born a lad or he was a lass… sisters seem to have such a different relationship towards each other than brother/sister. That photo of you all stood together is awesome. Frame that one!

    Either way, I love reading your blog so I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award :)

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