streetmeet dc

Here’s the thing about me when it comes to urban photography: I see a skyscraper and think, Oh, that’s pretty, and keep walking, yet photographers like 13thwitness see countless photo opps. They can wander through an abandoned hospital or alleyway and somehow make it look cool, even exciting. Skill wise, street photography is something I can admire, but it’s not necessarily my preference. 

For now, I find myself gravitating toward quirky, colorful and busy photos. But, with that being said, I also think you’ve gotta step outside your tastes a little. For me, that meant forgoing my usual flea market and vintage shop weekend shoots for a Sunday of rollin’ with some “urban explorers.” 

In DC, we have a couple different creative groups that gather for these city exploration ‘Instameet’ photoshoots, StreetMeetDC being one of them. A friend invited me out to Adams Morgan with StreetMeet and the pessimist in me tried her best to get out of it. I kept worrying about, “But I’m just starting out,” and,”Everyone’s gonna laugh at me if I use a lens wrong.” 

That ended up being far from the truth. So many people were willing to show one another techniques and offer themselves up as models. And even though I can’t exactly agree with trespassing on fire escapes and rooftops all for an aerial view like a lot of guys out there were doing, the experience wasn’t as daunting as I thought. I’m sure I’ll definitely hit up a local Instameet again, but maybe this next time with a group that’s more on my wavelength :)

streetmeet dc adams morgan


3 thoughts on “streetmeet dc

  1. Wow! Your photos are amazing! I love the first one. I always see those amazing photos where people have trespassed to rooftops and am inspired, but I am too much of a coward to actually dare to do it

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