Take Chances, Get Messy!

ms frizzle magic school bus DIY halloween costume

Took it way back to 1996 with this year’s Halloween costume…

90s babies out there will hopefully have guessed I attempted to channel Ms. Frizzle from “The Magic School Bus” for my costume. A lot of man hours went into creating the bus and finding the perfect blue dress at the thrift store, but I think it was worth it for a little trip down memory lane when so many people in my age group saw my costume and reminisced about the characters in the show. For me, this show stirs up great memories of rushing home from school to sit in front of the tv at my grandmother’s house just to watch where that kooky teacher with the red hair was adventuring off to next. And you knew it was gonna be a good day if your teacher brought out the tv cart and announced the class could watch an episode during science.

Unfortunately, Cesar and I completely forgot to take photos of the process to put together our costumes, and we didn’t take many photos the night we went out. If you’re interested in running around town as the Friz and her magical vehicle next Halloween, visit here and here for DIY tutorials.


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