A Shared Space

Just as you’d instantly recognize a “radiant baby” as a piece of Keith Haring’s work, or a technicolor painting as Andy Warhol’s, it’s easy to see a KAWS piece and immediately know who created it. His infamous overblown skull sculptures with their crossbones and crossed-out eyes are hard to miss, usually because they can be as tall as me, and are sometimes even over 18-feet tall, like the KAWS exhibit currently showing at Brooklyn Museum. Not to mention, some pieces sort of remind me of enormous marshmallows standing guard or bolting off into space. (I can’t believe I’m admitting that!)

I became a fan of KAWS due to my boyfriend’s love of graffiti artists and street culture, which in turn, has always made me game to #travelforaKAWS. So far, we’ve seen an exhibit in Philly, and now I can say I’ve been to “A Shared Space” at Tulane University’s Newcomb Art Museum, an exhibit also featuring the black and white portraits of Tomoo Gokita and the bright, slightly whimsical works of Karl Wirsum.
A Shared Space: KAWS tulane new orleans exhibit


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