When I write in my journal, I tend to put together lists of things that make me unhappy, thoughts that make me anxious, but never listing what makes my soul happy. It’s partly because I read somewhere that you should write down areas that cause you stress, and directly underneath write why your mind is making it a bigger problem than it should be. It actually does work, but I also want to try the opposite: listing the things that make my life feel a little more complete. If these could stay in my life, I would remain a truly thankful and blessed gal:

TRAVELS: The year 2015 saw the most traveling I’ve ever done in my life. I ate the most barbecue I’ve had in my existence during a week in Texas, watched my sisters’ faces light up with happiness as we walked the streets of NYC (for their first time!), explored Asheville with my BFF and jumped right on into a Mexican cenote despite not knowing how to swim. I’m thankful to be able to afford the luxury of adventuring in my 20s because during my childhood, my parents never had the money for family vacations.

PUPS: So not only did I welcome Tipton into my family this year, but I also met Daisy, an adorable, 4-month old beagle, who is now a member of Cesar’s fam. Long walks with Daisy = seven pounds lost in one month! Not mad at that!

Also on the ‘I’m thankful for’ list: the existence of quirky museums and American oddities, Barnes & Noble coupons, girl power brands like shop ban.do, puppy kisses, Wegman’s, #colorventures, Korean food, inspirational typography, grandmothers who make ceviche and feminist media.


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