Mardi Gras World 

Here’s a fun little fact for you: Mardi Gras floats can cost almost a million bucks to make, which is crazy considering they make their debut only once a year. Oh, and in order to throw your beads off the side of one you’ve gotta be strapped into a harness, or else you’ll do a face plant like these guys.

During my birthday trip to NOLA, I popped in to Mardi Gras World, a Roadside America spot pretty much every local I ran into insisted was a “must see.” It’s a place where you’ll see a life-size Rosie the Riveter next to Donald Duck who lives across the aisle from a Greek goddess and Godzilla. The coolest part is you get to peek in on artists painting, cutting and drawing up the next year’s floats, and sometimes even repurposing old floats into new concepts.


One thought on “Mardi Gras World 

  1. What an interesting world! It would be so good to see the hard work and craftsmanship involved in those floats, it would be really cool to see, and I think it would be good for everyone to appreciate how much effort is put in.

    Thank you for sharing! I didn’t know such a thing existed :)


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