Castle Hill

You know you’re comfortable when you and your significant other forget to even buy anniversary cards… and you’re both okay with it! You also know your boyfriend’s comfortable — or should I say accustomed? — when he can spend a portion of the day chillin’ at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, getting a lesson in 18th century history without coming up with a single complaint.

I guess this means that after five years together, my interests are finally rubbing off on him, which would also explain why he agreed to an anniversary trip to Charlottesville, Virginia rather than a destination we normally would’ve chosen, like Philly or New York. For once, we wanted to get away from a city atmosphere, relax in a cabin, watch movies and just scrapbook a bit. (Also, who would’ve thought he’d end up at a point in life where the idea of picking out scrapbook paper and stickers at Michael’s could be considered fun?!)

Out in Charlottesville, we visited a couple local spots: the Downtown Mall, Monticello and the Barbecue Exchange, but my favorite place of all was Castle Rock Cider. There’s not much I can say about Castle Rock beyond that it’s gorgeous and it was just so peaceful “adulting” out there with the boo, some cheese on our plates, “Serendipity” cider in my glass and the Blue Ridge mountains in the background.


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