The Lemon Bowl DC

Extreme frustration is usually the way things end anytime I find myself wrapping a gift. For as much time as I waste on Pinterest right around the holiday season, and for as long as I spend in Paper Source contemplating how important it is that my wrapping paper showcase my personality, but also perfectly compliment the color of my holiday cards (yeah, yeah, I know, really important stuff), I absolutely suck at the actual wrapping part of the whole business.

By this point, the people in my life already know they’ll have to wrap their gifts from me, but I think I’ll always be the person who puts just a little too much thought into the paper selection. This year I decided to up my game and search on Etsy for illustrated paper. That led me to Kate Zaremba Company, a maker of quirky prints and illustrations that also happens to live in the DC-area. I found out about her ‘Gift Wrapping Bonanza!’ shindig at The Lemon Bowl DC this weekend and decided, Why not save a little on shipping and check out this creative workshop spot that just opened?

So not only did I walk out of Lemon Bowl excited to sign up for terrarium and weaving classes, I’m also happy to pass off presents wrapped in Bright Eyes and Townhouses! And since my boyfriend tagged along for help wrapping his gifts as well, I now know I’ll be happily opening a gold gorilla-topped box come Christmas :)


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