Way back in November, I attended The Emporiyum, which I completely forgotten to post about it, but then two things happened that reminded me of my experience. First, someone at work brought up where to find “authentic” tacos in Northern Virginia, to which I responded with, “Uh, nowhere.” I considered rambling on about how nothing beats DC and Maryland, but I remembered tasting this amazing Taco Bamba tostada for the first time at the Emporiyum, so I swallowed my words.

And second, I found out Ekiben — one of the Emporiyum exhibitors — is opening a brick-and-mortar shop in Baltimore’s Fells Point. Ekiben was created by Nikhil Yesupriya, an old pal from my middle school days, and two other UMBC students as a concept revolving around the street food of Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Over the last few years, I’ve seen Nikhil post Facebook statuses about grabbing a bite of his creations at the Fells Point Farmers Market, and now his efforts have grown into this! To see someone who was always so kind to everyone around him reach the success of having his own restaurant at our age is actually kinda amazing.

BUT to give you all more of an idea of what the Emporiyum is… It was a food marketplace laid out very much like a craft fair where you could go from booth to booth taste testing things. The YUM I attended was in DC’s Union Market, but next month another YUM will take place in Baltimore. If you’re anything like me, and you end up stopping by the Baltimore edition, just know your daily diet may look a little something like this:

  • A Korean fried chicken sandwich.
  • Buredo’s “sushirito” sushi burrito. Tempura to be exact.
  • Pork and cabbage dumplings by Pinch Dumplings.
  • Probably one of the most moist cupcakes you’ll ever taste if visit the Savannah Cupcakes booth.
  • A couple of District Doughnut balls.
  • One of milk bar‘s infamous cookies.
  • Some La Tasca sangria to wash it all down.
  • And, of course a Thai chicken meatball steamed bun sandwich from Ekiben.

And whatever other random assortment of cheese, chips, pasta, pizza, cookies and drinks you can find at any of the other booths. In short,  you’ll  feast like a king.


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