Current Obsessions

A Weekly Roundup of Kawaii Thangs, Jams and Interweb Finds. 

CULTURE: LeJuan James and his videos out here making us Latino-Americans laugh about the ridiculous things our families do and say. Here’s an article written about him by someone who gets it!

LIFE: Had a slow day at work and found myself watching a TEDTalks playlist on forgiveness. If you have any sort of soul, Anand Giridharadas’ talk on a mini mart employee forgiving a Texan white supremacist for shooting him a few days after 9/11 will have you crying your little eyes out.

MOVIES: You have most likely already seen this if you identify as a Potterhead… the trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. So so SO excited!

STUFF: Trying to jump back into creative writing again, and this book 642 Things to Write About is helpful in providing me with prompts so I can’t lie to myself by saying I don’t know where to begin..


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