Flower Mart

You wouldn’t normally find me in Glover Park unless I’m stuffing my face with tacos at Surfside, but I decided to wander through the neighborhood for the All Hallows Guild Flower Mart event at the Washington National Cathedral. Somewhere along the way I’ve become obsessed with picking out flowers, which I’m not so sure how that happened to a person who once prided herself on her non-girly girl ways, but it did.

Like many of you out there, I ended up going the flowers route for this year’s Mother’s Day, however, going to Flower Mart at least made me feel a little better that I didn’t just run out to the nearest grocery store as if my gift was an afterthought or something. I think I may have showed up a little too late in the day to walk away with my first pick of bouquets, but I’d still recommend the event for anyone looking to check out (or to see the inside of a Catholic church for the first time, like my case!)


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