Current Obsessions

A Weekly Roundup of Kawaii Thangs, Jams and Interweb Finds. 

BEAUTY: As much as I want to devote time to making sure my eyebrows look good and I’ve got the highlight of a glazed donut, I’m lazy. Beauty hacks for lazy broads like me.

DC THINGS: July’s 10 Best Beer Events in DC.

ILLUSTRATION: Discovered this cute Elizabeth Graeber mural (pictured above) at Bakehouse DC. Consider her work: things work checking out.

LIFE: “Rub A Dub Dub, Let’s Talk About Chub Rub!” is a cute title for an article containing tips on dealing with this super  serious summer problem.


Current Obsessions

A Weekly Roundup of Kawaii Thangs, Jams and Interweb Finds. 

CULTURE: LeJuan James and his videos out here making us Latino-Americans laugh about the ridiculous things our families do and say. Here’s an article written about him by someone who gets it!

LIFE: Had a slow day at work and found myself watching a TEDTalks playlist on forgiveness. If you have any sort of soul, Anand Giridharadas’ talk on a mini mart employee forgiving a Texan white supremacist for shooting him a few days after 9/11 will have you crying your little eyes out.

MOVIES: You have most likely already seen this if you identify as a Potterhead… the trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. So so SO excited!

STUFF: Trying to jump back into creative writing again, and this book 642 Things to Write About is helpful in providing me with prompts so I can’t lie to myself by saying I don’t know where to begin..

Current Obsessions

 A Weekly Roundup of Kawaii Thangs, Jams and Interweb Finds. 
 Blooms from Little Acre Flowers.

EATS: Two words: sushi donuts.

LIT: When your pals fail you by forgetting to read the book you all agreed on, these digital book clubs won’t.

MUSIC: New Massive Attack/Young Fathers “Voodoo in My Blood.”

TRAVEL: There’s a magic day to buy plane tickets and it ain’t Tuesday, you guys.

Current Obsessions 

 A Weekly Roundup of Kawaii Thangs, Jams and Interweb Finds. 

BEAUTY: Not gonna lie, my January lips are lookin’ pretty rough. I think I’ll try one of these DIY lip scrubs this weekend. 

DIY: How cute is this Project Life camera scrapbook? I’ve been wanting to find a way to house all the ticket stubs, photos and other random objects Cesar and I have collected over the years and I think I’ve finally found something that goes with our vibe.

LIFE: Loving this #DrawTheLine video campaign for reproductive rights. Stories of why women got abortions narrated by Elizabeth Banks and Dascha Polanco + others.

MUSIC: There’s a Bernie Sanders folk album out there in the world, you guys!! Read about it in Rolling Stone.

Current Obsessions 

A Weekly Roundup of kawaii thangs, jams and Interweb finds.  

A Look That Pops Modcloth popcorn novelty purse

EATS: Remember Dunkaroos and Fruit by the Foot?  Now you can make your own — along with some of your other favorite 90s junk foods — with these 10 recipes via NYLON.
HUMOR: That time the homie Jesus negotiated with the bouncer when the squad was too wasted for the club. That night when your parents wouldn’t let you out the house ’cause your outfit was revealing. Those times when you have a fire tweet, but it’s more than 140 characters. @Medieval_Probs is the most hilarious Twitter account I’ve come across lately.
MUSIC: New Hot Chip = never not a good thing, according to Culture of Me. I agree.
STYLE/PRODUCTS: I love novelty bags just as much as the next girl, but I really can’t justify paying $50 for a purse I can only fit a lipstick and one credit card in. Lucky for me, Modcloth has a few on sale right now, like the ‘Draw Your Attention’ pencil bag and the ‘A Look That Pops’ popcorn purse pictured above. I’m really loving it so far. 

Current Obsessions

A weekly roundup of kawaii thangs, jams and Interweb finds

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

STYLE/PRODUCTS: If mugs that say “I’m a F*cking Professional,” “The Book was Better” and “Shit Just Got Real Up in This Bitch, yo!” appeal to you as much as they do to me, then you’ll love Knotwork’s Etsy shop just as much as I do.

ART: Loving the retro-themed illustrations and daily drawings featured on Cherie of The Jar of Salt’s blog and shop.

DC: The Untold Story of Postwar Washington’s Nightlife… Lots of burlesque, scandal and naughty politicians.

LIT: This week I was really surprised to find To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee is publishing a sequel told through the eyes of a grown-up Scout– Lee’s first release in 50+ years!

Current Obsessions

A weekly roundup of kawaii thangs, jams and Interweb finds

print studio memory book

STYLE/PRODUCTS: I received a Social Print Studio memory box as a gift and I love it! I’m considering the gift tags and magnets on their site as my next photo-related purchases.

DIY: There’s always that nagging feeling to get up and start a project after visiting the A Beautiful Mess blog. Maybe these DIY floral flasks will be my next task.

MUSIC: Yes, I’m a couple months late, but Flying Lotus’ animated video for Ready Err Not is INSANE!

TV: Currently jumping on the Empire bandwagon because the music and the feisty character Cookie are too interesting to NOT draw me back every Wednesday.


Current Obsessions

A weekly roundup of kawaii thangs, jams and Interweb finds

dinosaur planters

STYLE/PRODUCTS: BloominHappy1’s dinosaur planters = a cute way to brighten up a place, or in my case, an office cube.

ART: Forever a fan of the outfits and photography on The Clothes Horse blog. Loving this Narnia-inspired shoot.

DIY: #31DaysofDIY, a full month’s worth of ideas like pretzel earrings, painted pattern rugs and printed sneakers from Brit + Co.

MUSIC: NEW Toro y Moi jams.