Tell ‘Em How You Really Feel

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This one’s for your beloved bae or that cutie you’re crushing on… Of all the Valentine’s Day treats I see on cooking blogs each year, the conversation hearts concept never gets old. This version is a cheesecake recipe I whipped up last year. Right here is the point where I’ll emphasis the word whipping ’cause that cream cheese was no joke! But besides that, these were really fun to make. If you’re still looking for food ideas to make with your galentines or valentine, visit the Hungry Happenings blog.



The Lemon Bowl DC

Extreme frustration is usually the way things end anytime I find myself wrapping a gift. For as much time as I waste on Pinterest right around the holiday season, and for as long as I spend in Paper Source contemplating how important it is that my wrapping paper showcase my personality, but also perfectly compliment the color of my holiday cards (yeah, yeah, I know, really important stuff), I absolutely suck at the actual wrapping part of the whole business.

By this point, the people in my life already know they’ll have to wrap their gifts from me, but I think I’ll always be the person who puts just a little too much thought into the paper selection. This year I decided to up my game and search on Etsy for illustrated paper. That led me to Kate Zaremba Company, a maker of quirky prints and illustrations that also happens to live in the DC-area. I found out about her ‘Gift Wrapping Bonanza!’ shindig at The Lemon Bowl DC this weekend and decided, Why not save a little on shipping and check out this creative workshop spot that just opened?

So not only did I walk out of Lemon Bowl excited to sign up for terrarium and weaving classes, I’m also happy to pass off presents wrapped in Bright Eyes and Townhouses! And since my boyfriend tagged along for help wrapping his gifts as well, I now know I’ll be happily opening a gold gorilla-topped box come Christmas :)

Take Chances, Get Messy!

ms frizzle magic school bus DIY halloween costume

Took it way back to 1996 with this year’s Halloween costume…

90s babies out there will hopefully have guessed I attempted to channel Ms. Frizzle from “The Magic School Bus” for my costume. A lot of man hours went into creating the bus and finding the perfect blue dress at the thrift store, but I think it was worth it for a little trip down memory lane when so many people in my age group saw my costume and reminisced about the characters in the show. For me, this show stirs up great memories of rushing home from school to sit in front of the tv at my grandmother’s house just to watch where that kooky teacher with the red hair was adventuring off to next. And you knew it was gonna be a good day if your teacher brought out the tv cart and announced the class could watch an episode during science.

Unfortunately, Cesar and I completely forgot to take photos of the process to put together our costumes, and we didn’t take many photos the night we went out. If you’re interested in running around town as the Friz and her magical vehicle next Halloween, visit here and here for DIY tutorials.

Crafty Bastards

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Crafty Bastards is like Etsy come to life, which means it’s the DC event I eagerly await every year. I can’t say I don’t long to live in a city with Renegade Craft Fair or Unique USA, but it definitely makes me feel a lot better knowing I have Crafty Bastards, which according to Buzzfeed, ranks up there with the big fairs.

This year, I walked away with a couple items I’m super excited to share information about. My first purchase of the day was from Neogranny, a  maker of vintage/mid-century inspired jewelry, who I’m happy to have purchased camera pins from. At Winthrop Clothing Co.’s booth, I had a tough time deciding whether my pup Tipton needs a gingham, floral or pizza print bow tie. I settled on the pizza bow tie so he’ll be looking real dapper this Thanksgiving. I also picked up a beautifully bound notebook made by Moonlight Bindery, a DMV crafter who makes really cool booklets from Lego pieces, along with a gorgeous ceramic necklace from Mint House and nonsensical (but I’d argue very necessary) donut earrings by Inedible Jewelry. All my purchases were from really great companies, and so are all the Crafty B vendors listed below. If you ever get a chance to check them out, you should:

Dirty Ass Soaps: novelty vegan soap: gummi bear, ouija boards, bacon

Elizabeth Benotti Handmade Ceramics: handmade, hand-painted porcelain plant holders & housewares

Elizabeth Graeber Illustration: wallpaper  and tea towels by a DC-based illustrator

horrible adorables: strange and fantastical faux taxidermy

inedible jewelry: check them out for siracha, macarons, hot dog, etc. pieces

Maslo Jewelry: very modern, very geometric jewelry with a minimalist aesthetic

tljewelrydesigns: jewelry made from recycled broken skateboards

Conversation Hearts

Sweethearts candy is — and forever will be — one of the first things that comes to mind when I think of Valentine’s Day. Last year, I attempted to create my own conversations heart cookies, but that was pretty much a fail (aesthetically, at least).  I took a different route this year by making mini heart-shaped cheesecakes, but skipped the traditional ”CALL ME” and “BE MINE” phrases for a couple phrases that are less dated. All the millenials out there will understand me on the “IDFWU” and “DAS BAE” I chose to decorate my cheesecakes with.

conversation heart cheesecakes

Head over to the Hungry Happenings blog for instructions.