Winthrop Clothing Co.

Today I saw a meme that went a little something like this:

[At Interview]

“What is your dream job?”

*Visualizes dressing pugs as famous historical characters*

Me: HR Manager.

And I had to laugh to myself because that’s so me.

About two months ago, Daisy (my boyfriend’s mischievous beagle) became the first pup I chased around with a treat and my Canon. I’ve since moved on to my sister’s dog Tipton, who’s looking like a real dapper gentleman playing his records here. This particular photoshoot was less about modeling Warby Parker glasses for the Warby “Barker” Instagram account, and more about creating a nice Mother’s Day gift + showing off this cute  Winthrop Clothing Co. floral bow tie. Hopefully everyone I know with a pet realizes their dogs are next in line for my camera!


Crafty Bastards

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Crafty Bastards is like Etsy come to life, which means it’s the DC event I eagerly await every year. I can’t say I don’t long to live in a city with Renegade Craft Fair or Unique USA, but it definitely makes me feel a lot better knowing I have Crafty Bastards, which according to Buzzfeed, ranks up there with the big fairs.

This year, I walked away with a couple items I’m super excited to share information about. My first purchase of the day was from Neogranny, a  maker of vintage/mid-century inspired jewelry, who I’m happy to have purchased camera pins from. At Winthrop Clothing Co.’s booth, I had a tough time deciding whether my pup Tipton needs a gingham, floral or pizza print bow tie. I settled on the pizza bow tie so he’ll be looking real dapper this Thanksgiving. I also picked up a beautifully bound notebook made by Moonlight Bindery, a DMV crafter who makes really cool booklets from Lego pieces, along with a gorgeous ceramic necklace from Mint House and nonsensical (but I’d argue very necessary) donut earrings by Inedible Jewelry. All my purchases were from really great companies, and so are all the Crafty B vendors listed below. If you ever get a chance to check them out, you should:

Dirty Ass Soaps: novelty vegan soap: gummi bear, ouija boards, bacon

Elizabeth Benotti Handmade Ceramics: handmade, hand-painted porcelain plant holders & housewares

Elizabeth Graeber Illustration: wallpaper  and tea towels by a DC-based illustrator

horrible adorables: strange and fantastical faux taxidermy

inedible jewelry: check them out for siracha, macarons, hot dog, etc. pieces

Maslo Jewelry: very modern, very geometric jewelry with a minimalist aesthetic

tljewelrydesigns: jewelry made from recycled broken skateboards

Current Obsessions

A weekly roundup of kawaii thangs, jams and Interweb finds

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STYLE/PRODUCTS: If mugs that say “I’m a F*cking Professional,” “The Book was Better” and “Shit Just Got Real Up in This Bitch, yo!” appeal to you as much as they do to me, then you’ll love Knotwork’s Etsy shop just as much as I do.

ART: Loving the retro-themed illustrations and daily drawings featured on Cherie of The Jar of Salt’s blog and shop.

DC: The Untold Story of Postwar Washington’s Nightlife… Lots of burlesque, scandal and naughty politicians.

LIT: This week I was really surprised to find To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee is publishing a sequel told through the eyes of a grown-up Scout– Lee’s first release in 50+ years!

Crafty Bastards

Not only does Crafty Bastards have a kick ass name, it’s also been around for 11 years now. Basically this event is like Etsy come to life and it’s AMAZING. For the second year in a row now, Crafty B’s was held at Union Market (one of my most fave places in the city) and featured food trucks, which my Korean barbecue taco-eating, Dangerously Delicious Pies-obsessed, coffee-loving self very much appreciated.

Craft fairs like these always provide me with so much inspiration. They also offer a nice reminder of the tons of really talented people out there, like the guys and gals at Dirty Ass Soap, whom made the very realistic Super Nintendo soap bar I purchased, or the vendor at neogranny that I purchased a camera-shaped pin from. My only regret about this event is that I was so damn broke. I really wish I had the funds to buy every little mug and piece of jewelry I fell in love with, but at least I know to come more loaded next year.