Current Obsessions

A Weekly Roundup of Kawaii Thangs, Jams and Interweb Finds. 

BEAUTY: As much as I want to devote time to making sure my eyebrows look good and I’ve got the highlight of a glazed donut, I’m lazy. Beauty hacks for lazy broads like me.

DC THINGS: July’s 10 Best Beer Events in DC.

ILLUSTRATION: Discovered this cute Elizabeth Graeber mural (pictured above) at Bakehouse DC. Consider her work: things work checking out.

LIFE: “Rub A Dub Dub, Let’s Talk About Chub Rub!” is a cute title for an article containing tips on dealing with this super  serious summer problem.


Crafty Bastards Cabin Fever

Crafty Bastards Cabin Fever at Hecht Warehouse


Cabin Fever was an offshoot of DC’s Crafty Bastards craft fair, which means it was a lot smaller than the real deal I attend every September, but nonetheless still really cute and colorful and Esty-ish. I’m very much into illustration at the moment, so when I bought my ticket to the event, I had one thing in mind: pick up some cool things to decorate my workspace.

This time around, I stumbled upon Marcella Kriebel’s booth because how could I not? If you ever see her work at a craft show, you’ll instantly want to get a closer look at her gorgeous watercolor paintings. All of her work is food-related, and that’s awesome because who wouldn’t want a sangria or pizza print chillin’ in their kitchen? I also discovered Nate Duval, an extremely talented illustrator/designer who has worked with big time brands like Nike, Patagonia and Whole Foods, but what really had me stop at his booth was his collection of music festival and band posters. Seriously, look at the details and colors on these things!