Winthrop Clothing Co.

Today I saw a meme that went a little something like this:

[At Interview]

“What is your dream job?”

*Visualizes dressing pugs as famous historical characters*

Me: HR Manager.

And I had to laugh to myself because that’s so me.

About two months ago, Daisy (my boyfriend’s mischievous beagle) became the first pup I chased around with a treat and my Canon. I’ve since moved on to my sister’s dog Tipton, who’s looking like a real dapper gentleman playing his records here. This particular photoshoot was less about modeling Warby Parker glasses for the Warby “Barker” Instagram account, and more about creating a nice Mother’s Day gift + showing off this cute  Winthrop Clothing Co. floral bow tie. Hopefully everyone I know with a pet realizes their dogs are next in line for my camera!


Inspired by Warby Barker

 Meet Daisy. She approves Warby Parker‘s new spring 2016 line. 

Cesar and I found out about Warby Barker, Warby Parker’s pups Instagram account on the same day his try-on kit came in the mail. We also just got a new photo studio set up at home, so who else to model the Preston in Maraschino glasses but Miss Daisy? Such a studious-looking pup :)